Von Jakob Winery offers over 20 varieties of Illinois wines produced mainly by our 15 acres of Illinois vineyards. Our wines range from dark full-bodied reds to sweet dessert wines. Browse the list of our Southern Illinois wines below.

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Von Jakob’s wines are available in over 120 retail locations throughout the Southern Illinois area.

Red Wine List

Chateau Red (Dry)  $13.99 OUT
A foch, chancellor and chambourcin grape blend. Spicy black cherry aroma, good tannic backbone with rich, smoky character.  Serve with beef, lamb, game or pasta.
American Chambourcin (Dry) $13.99
Pinot noir style. Medium bodied, lightly oaked, red dinner wine. Serve with grilled fish, chicken or pasta.
Chambourcin (Dry) $16.99
The flavor of blackberry, licorice and chocolate; well-balanced tannin and oak. Ideal with beef, game lamb and pasta.
Cabernet Sauvignon (Dry) $25.99
The first Cabernet grown, produced and released by any Illinois vineyard. Intense black fruit flavors backed by toasty oak notes and round, chewy tannins. This wine only gets better with age.
Country Red (Sweet) $12.99
A foch, chancellor and chambourcin grape blend. Toasted, buttery, black cherry aroma – balanced and smooth.
Ridge Red (Sweet) $10.99
Bursting with the robust flavor of ripe concord grapes.
Hillside Red (Semi-Dry) $12.99
Aromatic fruit with a hint of oak. This Chambourcin grape wine goes well with cheeses, steaks, lamb, and many other foods.

White Wine List

Cave Creek (Dry) $13.99
Vidal Blanc. Lightly-oaked. Floral aromas with citrus fruit flavors. Poultry, seafood and other light meals are great foods for complementing this wine.
Hillside White (Semi-Dry) $12.99
Vidal Blanc. Bouquet of citrus and floral aromas with a hint of oak. Great with seafood, Cajun and cheese.
Traminette (Semi-Dry)           $12.99
A hybrid of the German Gewurtztraminer grape. Crisp and balanced with flavors of peach, pineapple and spicy ginger flavor. Great with spicy Asian, Latin or Cajun dishes.
Chardonnay (Dry) $19.99
Crisp and smooth with just a hint of oak.  Delicious notes of vanilla, apple and tropical fruits. Enjoy with salmon, chicken, and pork or pasta with a butter cream sauce.


Little Grand Canyon Gold (Semi-Sweet)            $12.99
Vidal Blanc. Comparable to a German dessert wine. No oak, floral aromas with a hint of spice. Good with cheeses and light meals.
Johnny Apple (Sweet) $10.99
Made from Southern Illinois’ best Jonathan apples. Crisp and juicy, like biting into an apple. Great for every palate.
Late Harvest Vidal (Sweet)   $15.99
Taste the refreshing sensation of apricot. Great with dessert.

Blush Wine List

Kroshenfeler (Sweet) $12.99
Vidal Bland and Concord blend giving it its blush color. Fruity and delicious; excellent with cheeses and lighter meals.

Honey Mead Series

Honey Blush (Sweet) $12.99
A Von Jakob classic — honey mead blended with concord, replacing traditional spicing.
Honey Peach (Sweet) $12.99 OUT
Made from local orchards in southern Illinois, a unique blend of honey mead and peaches. Great with dessert.
Honey Raspberry (Sweet) $12.99 OUT
Honey mead and raspberries. Complements spicy foods and chocolates.
Honey Blackberry (Sweet) $12.99
A sweet rose honey (mead) and blackberry that gives a mild berry, fruity wine. Enjoy with spicy foods or chocolate.

Port Wine List

White Oak Port (Sweet) $15.99
Vidal blanc. A truly unique dessert wine with fruity notes and good body. We were the first winery in the state of Illinois to produce a white port.
Red Oak Port (Sweet) $16.99
Enjoy chambourcin at its best; a full-bodied and well balanced after-dinner treat to share with family, friends or that special someone.
She’s A Peach (Sweet) $19.99 OUT

Just recently released, Von Jakob’s newest dessert wine. Made with fresh peaches from local orchards in Southern Illinois.

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